A grandmother’s cupboard, an old family table, a wooden figurine or a box found during cleaning up the attic… They all have their sentimental and often material value. Furniture found at the flea market – although they have no sentimental value for the new owner, they have their own history and soul and can become a valuable element of home furnishings, and in time be treated with reverence. These items are often unique and rare, but often also heavily damaged. They can be not only repaired, but also restored to the state of former splendor and this can be done in our carpentry shop, because for many years we have been specializing in the renovation, repair and reconstruction of furniture and small utility and artistic objects made of wood.


We carry out renovations of furniture of all kinds and styles. All renovation activities are carried out in accordance with old carpentry craftsmanship. We try to minimally interfere in the piece of furniture undergoing renovation, but if necessary, we dewarm and harden the wood and if the repair of a part of furniture is not possible, we reproduce the missing elements. Apart from that:

  • we remove old polish, varnish or paint,

  • we repair damaged veneer,

  • we insert flips,

  • we reproduce the missing elements – legs, strips or sculptures,

  • we repair or, if necessary, replace fittings – hinges, locks and keys,

  • on request, we change the base color by brightening or darkening the piece of furniture,

  • polish, wax, oil or varnish surfaces.

We undertake furniture modifications, For example by changing the chiffonier into showcase. In addition to the renovation of wooden parts, we also make upholstery.

We also renovate and reconstruct sacred furniture with the consent and under the supervision of the conservator.

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