The history of our carpentry shop dates back to May 1927. It was then that my grandfather, Ignacy Wetzel – a registered carpentry master from 1930 – opened a carpentry factory in Brodnica.

During the German occupation, the carpentry was expropriated. Granfather Ignacy resumed work after the liberation of Brodnica on January 23, 1945. In the post-war period, he helped with starting his first work establishments, stores and schools.

For many years of his craft activity, my grandfather trained many students. Among them was my father, Eryk Wetzel, whose birthday coincided with the launch of the carpenter’s workshop by his grandfather.

The first location of the carpentry shop, Brodnica, Duży Rynek 12

In the 1960s, my grandfather and father built a new factory at 47 Przykop Street, which still houses our carpentry shop. In 1971, after the death of my grandfather, my father took over the management of the carpentry shop for many years, duly continuing the family and craft traditions.

My father received many awards and distinctions, including the highest craftsmanship – Kiliński’s saber, for outstanding contribution to the development of Polish craft.

Among my father’s studends were us – my brother Piotr and I,Grzegorz Wetzel. Piotr has been running his own carpentry workshop for over twenty years, also in Brodnica.I have a real pleasure to manage my father’s carpentry founded by my grandfather before and run one of the oldest operating business entities in Brodnica and county of Brodnica.

In our carpentry shop, we continue the family tradition and craft traditions using the latest techniques and technologies. We are constantly modernizing our machine park, but – for example – we also use a machine that remembers the beginning of the plant. We follow market news and trends in the industry, we constantly expand our knowledge. All this to meet the highest demands of our clients.

Thanks to many years of experience, continuing craft traditions, modern specialized machines and equipment and the involved work of all carpentry employees, we guarantee professionalism and high quality of our services.

Carpentry Master Eryk Wetzel, 2012.
Eryk Wetzel and Waldemar Gęsicki (then director of the Regional Museum in Brodnica) during the assembly of the harrow in the Chełmno Gate

During the many years of our carpentry, we have made countless large and small orders. Our works are found in many homes, public buildings and churches. We also did many unusual works. For example, at the beginning of the 1980s, a harrow (wooden trellis) was created in our carpentry shop, which was installed in the Chełmińska Gate in Brodnica, ie a municipal gate from the first half of the 14th century.

In Brodnica, we also made sacral furniture (stalls, sedilia and kneelers) for the pansk church dedicated to St. Catherine. We also carried out the renovation of confessionals, pulpits (without polychromy) and altars of Michael the Archangel and Saint. Rozalia. However, in the church of Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the Franciscan monastery we have completed the renovation of the altar of Saint Anthony and the altar of Saint Francis, choir equipment, as well as the oratory (along with the reconstruction of some elements). For the church of St. Anna in Sztum, in our carpentry, two side altars were created in the neo-Gothic style, and in the church of St. John the Baptist in Płock, we have renovated the main altar, confessional and bannister.