Thanks to its mechanical properties, good thermal insulation and sound absorption, elasticity and strength, richness of textures, forms and colors, and above all due to the fact that it is an ecological resource (fully renewable), wood is, and will be, The material from which construction products that are equipment and finishing element of buildings made of-in the wider sense construction joinery.

In the field of construction joinery in our carpentry shop we perform:

  • windows
  • external doors, interior doors, garage doors
  • self-supporting stairs (with risers or openwork) and stairs “on concrete” (coated, with or without risers)
  • built-in furniture – wall cabinets, built-in cavities
  • balustrades
  • wainscot and wall panels
  • showcases and shop windows

We offer both modern and traditional solutions, also replicas of old designs. We combine wooden elements with metal, glass, marble and ceramics.

We provide a professional and comprehensive service from free pricing and dimensioning, consultancy in the design phase, to a carefully and aesthetically made order, delivery and professional and quick assembly.


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E.Wetzel Carpentry shop of furniture and buldings

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